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August 9, 2009

Dynamic C++ Update

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I’ve been tinkering with my Dynamic C++ project on occasion in order to get it to build successfully under OSX without much luck. Most of it built just fine, but there were a bunch of places where the boost::variant::apply_visitor() function was giving me all sorts of grief.
The original problem was that I was passing an instance of a locally defined struct as the functor argument to apply_visitor(), such as:

unsigned int var::count() const {
    struct count_visitor : public boost::static_visitor<unsigned int> {
        unsigned int operator () (null_t) const { throw exception("invalid .count() operation on $"); }
        unsigned int operator () (int_t) const { throw exception("invalid .count() operation on int"); }
        unsigned int operator () (double_t) const { throw exception("invalid .count() operation on double"); }
        unsigned int operator () (string_t s) const { return>length(); }
        unsigned int operator () (list_ptr l) const { return l->size(); }
        unsigned int operator () (array_ptr a) const { return a->size(); }
        unsigned int operator () (set_ptr s) const { return s->size(); }
        unsigned int operator () (dict_ptr d) const { return d->size(); }

    return boost::apply_visitor(count_visitor(), _var);



June 15, 2009

Dynamic C++

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A while back, I started building a PDF parser in C++. I had been using the Adobe PDF IFilter to extract text from PDF files in order to index the content, but I wanted to be able to be able to also extract formatting information so I dug into the PDF format. The PDF format itself is fairly easy to parse, but the contents can be quite complex.

The PDF format consists of a series of objects, expressed in a simple syntax based on PostScript. There are primitives such as strings and numbers, and there are collections (arrays and dictionaries) which can contain both primitives and containers. You can see how things quickly become complicated when you have dictionaries containing arrays containing other complex objects.


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