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March 17, 2010

.NET DeflateStream/zlib compatibility

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This is just a quick post to describe how to format compressed data with the .NET DeflateStream class so that it can be read back in a C or C++ program using zlib. Compressing data with DeflateStream is extremely simple. The original code I was using looked like this: (more…)


May 28, 2009

<XAML fest>

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I just finished XAML fest, a two day introduction to SilverLight, XAML and Expression Blend.  The event was held at Microsoft’s New England R&D  Center in Cambridge,  Massachusetts. The class centered around building a small web app using SilverLight. A lot of time was spent learning how to use Blend to build user interfaces.

Having spent a good portion of my career building Windows apps, I’ve had the opportunity to create UIs using the Win32 API, OWL, MFC, WTL and wxWidgets. I’ve dabbled in WPF but never did much with it since I’ve been spending most of my free time tinkering with Cocoa and Cocoa-Touch. What I really like about using XAML is that you can lay out an entire interface, including a lot of behavior without writing a single line of code.


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